In the Office Vs Working From Home: What is Better for Your Company?

on February 1, 2022

The global pandemic and restrictions that it brought forced many businesses to shift towards working from home, remote working or a hybrid approach to the workday.

Covid-19 acted as a catalyst in diversifying the style of working that companies adopt for their staff. Due to Covid-19 remote working was actively introduced into most workplaces, and in some cases the office was abandoned completely. For employees, the shift to working from home has come with benefits such as a reduction commuting times and costs and improved efficiency and productivity. It’s also led to more employment options for people living in rural locations.

Trying to decide whether to work from home? Let us help you! Below is the list of advantages and disadvantages of working from home or working in the office.

Advantages of working in the office

  • Better distribution of workspace. Working in an office involves, on certain occasions, carrying out tasks in functional and highly optimised workspaces. These types of spaces allow for the free circulation of workers in a fluid manner and this can increase and improve interaction with other partners.
  • Working as a team. Being part of a company project with a team of people boosts your creativity and develops your collaborative and social skills.
  • Work Routine. In an office, we can interact and work side by side with other colleagues. This is something that can help us move away from static work routines. In addition, productivity in the office is increased.
  • Client’s meetings. For certain work or projects, it may be necessary to hold face to face meetings. For example, arranging a meeting with a very important client at our place of work can help us to sell a proposal because the customer engages, feels part of a whole and is able to see in person how we perform naturally and safely in a professional environment.

Disadvantages of working remotely

  • Difficulty in employee labour and health management. It is difficult to monitor the employees who work from home. Keeping track of progress, productivity, schedules or the physical and mental condition of the employees is inevitably more difficult in a remote setting. It is necessary to create an environment where employees can easily share information by utilising cloud-type project management tools.
  • Communication is reduced. Smooth communication is possible but it is important to create rules within the team in order to thoroughly report, connect and communicate. If this is not shared and thoroughly implemented, important communication items may not be delivered and communication may not be successful this way, problems may occur.
  • Lack of Motivation. Motivation drives people to power on and achieve their goals. It can be effortless to lose motivation quickly when one is put in the wrong place and time. It further risks achieving the desired business outcomes.
  • Lack of Office Equipment and Security Concerns. Remote workers have loved the change from working in cluttered office space to their own home office, which is quiet and comfortable. But as with everything, this has two sides to it. Setting up a home office with a high-end Laptop/desktop, High internet speed can be expensive.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the role of the office, with many employees switching to home working and adapting well to the remote environment. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many more offer their staff remote working options. Some firms stick to a combination of working from home and office. The staff of this company take turns, working at the office twice a week, and working remotely at home for the remaining three days or depending on the work set up.

The High Street Centre has serviced offices and meeting rooms that are perfect for those who want to work remotely or in the office. In addition, our suites are equipped with IT equipment including furniture, telephone line, and private internet line. There is a benefit of using a working space for remote workers and it is a service that allows you to utilise the workspace you need when you need it.

Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] to find out about using our facilities.


Written by Mae Suharevics.

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