Virtual FD

Virtual FD

In addition to all of the technology and expert skills included in the Enhanced Compliance Package, we solve the challenges of ambitious companies with high calibre part-time FD’s. No matter the stage of growth your company is, we can help you drive the business forward – all at a fraction of the cost of a full time FD. We offer innovative, knowledgable and commercially astute FD’s that are available as an when you need them. With constant contact and more information on your business and how it compares to your peers, we will help you improve efficiency and strategically hone your vision for your busines so that you get more for less.

Annual Accounts trend analysis

Once your annual accounts are completed, we will analyse this year and compare and contrast against previous years so that you are better informed on how your business is progressing over time.

Appeal Letters to HMRC

If – for any reason – you receive a fine or penalty from HMRC, we can review circumstances and appeal on your behalf to aim to have this waived.

Assurance Reviews

We will review your financial statements as an independent observer to produce a tailored report around areas of concern or importance. This is an in depth accounts analysis.

Industry Benchmarking Software

We will benchmark your business against the industry you are in. This will allow you to ascertain how you stack up against your competitors.


Based upon what you want the business to do, and where you want it to go, we will form a budget based on actual data to help guide you to your goals.

Business Improvement Plans

Using your goals and targets, we will construct a plan with you to help you get where you want to go.

Cash Flow Analyses / Stress Testing / Forecasting

We will verify the veracity and strength of your cash flow to determine weaknesses and ensure you are as prepared as you can be, for whatever may happen.

Company Credit Checks

We provide credit checks for your company, so you know the reported health of your company before you apply for any external funding.

Funding Analysis

We can help you find funding, and ensure you have the cash flow to afford any financing you are looking to take out.

Incorporation advice (Sole Trader to Ltd/ Ltd to Group/Holding)

We are always on the look out to ensure your personal finances, and company are structured in the most efficient manner.

KPI and metric

Using our benchmarking and reviews, we can help you determine the best KPI’s (Key Perfomance Indicators) that you shodul focus on.

One Page Business Plans

If you are unsure about your business goals, or are unsure of an exit plan – we can help you to hone your vision.

Operational Reviews

We will review your financial statements as an independent observer to produce a tailored report around areas of concern or importance. This is an in depth analysis of your operation to ensure nothing is being wasted or has a sub-optimal ROI.

Pricing analysis

We can use our benchmarking to analyse where you are in the market, in terms of cost to consumer, and determine whether there is room to grow by changing your prices.

Product Costings

If you are unsure about how much your product or services cost, we can do a full detailed breakdown to help you control your money better.

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If you require payroll services to help run and grow your business, get in touch with our experienced chartered accountants based in Beckenham. We’re ready to talk you through our packages and would love to book in an appointment; just call or email at +44 (0) 208 249 6007 or [email protected] to begin the process today. We can’t wait to work with you and help support your business.

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