How Can a Virtual Office Help Your Business?

on April 27, 2022

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, the way we work and the way we view work has changed dramatically over the last two years. Many offices have resorted to completely redefining and restructuring their approach to work and running a business. However, one thing that the pandemic has highlighted is the undeniable benefits of having a virtual office.


If you own/run a small or start-up business a virtual office is the perfect solution providing you with that next step without any long-term commitments. For small businesses it is also more economical whilst their team is still small.


Here at the High Street Centre our virtual offices are both simple and flexible. We aim to get you set up as quickly and as stress-free as possible.


Whilst offering many of the same benefits as a real-time office, a virtual office gives you access to a recognised business address, post collection, phone answering on your behalf and in your company name, and access to on-site meeting rooms to meeting rooms – all of this, without the long-term commitment of a physical office. In the early years of your business a virtual office is a way to keep your home address private and give your company a credible frontage.

Key Benefits of a virtual office

Improve your work-life balance – a virtual office allows you to work anywhere, anytime you choose and as a result of this you might find that you have more time for yourself.

More professional looking business – by using a prestigious business address like ours here at the High Street Centre your brand looks professional, credible and trustworthy. It also means that you can meet your clients in our on site meeting rooms and have us greet them for you.

Support staff – our on-site reception team are here to take phone calls and post for you in order to ensure that you never miss a message. We are also here to help you with your business, our business centre is full of other businesses who you are able to network with and work with where needed.

Meeting rooms – our professional meeting rooms can accommodate up to 8 people and we will provide you with high-speed WiFi, a flat screen TV with a video conference call system and refreshments. You’re not limited to using our meeting rooms to meet your clients, you can also use our meeting rooms to come and do some work – maybe you’re sick of your home office and need a change of scenery or you’re having a house renovation and need a base to work from!

Mail organisation – our reception team can organise incoming mail and also send it on your behalf. If you choose to have a virtual office with us you will have the option to be notified when post arrives or we can scan and email it to you if it something urgent.


If you think a virtual office sounds like the solution for you, give us a call on 0208 249 6000 or an email at [email protected]!

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