Why working in a business centre benefits your business

on November 10, 2021

As a business owner or director of a company one of your number one priority will be to bring exposure to the business as much as possible so that your clientele can grow, and your services can be known. A brick and mortar will expose your business to the area that you are in but that depends on the location. In this article I will outline a few main points why a business centre such as the high street centre will bring more exposure to your business and help it grow!

Firstly, when working in a business centre you will not be the only business working There. This means that as you come into work every day you will come across many other companies that most probably could use your services. Now that you are exposed to these businesses as a director or owner you must now take the situation into your own hands and network with these companies. For example, introduce yourself, get to know the other directors, subtly mention what you do & ask the right questions to find out how they can benefit from your services. Avoid being too forward because you do not want to scare anyone off or seem too pushy. Sell yourself and your company the right way.

With that being said, A handful of these companies will have employees, therefore it is also worth getting to know these people because word-of-mouth can go a long way. Even if the individual you are speaking to will not use your services, they will know someone in their family or friendship group who will.

 Separately, Business centres usually organise networking events every now and then which are also greatly beneficial when it comes to getting your business out there! A Networking event is   where lots of company’s get together over some refreshments and connect with other individuals in hope that they will use their services in the future, it is also a wonderful time to catch up with people you have made friends with at the centre and see how their company is doing! Make sure you attend these events & bring your business cards! Even if you do not gain a client straight away, they might always pull out your business card when they need you… trust the process! Here at the high street centre, we tend to organise events every 6-8 weeks so follow us on social media to ensure you do not miss the updates!

Let us talk adverts! Although in a business centre you’re store isn’t literally visible like a store on a high street The High Street Centre always wants to help grow your business, therefore at the entrance we have a glass window filled with A4 advert pockets (lit up with LED lights to bring in as much attention possible ) each business has the opportunity to advertise anything they like for 30 days before giving someone else a chance, if after the 30 days no one else has an advert to put up, you can leave your ad for another 30 days (or of course change it to another one)

Credibility is crucial. When searching for a business centre to work in you must do your research to ensure they have a good reputation. This is because you will be using their address on your marketing & for post therefore you want to make sure people have good connotations with the place so that it does not degrade your company.

Finally, cost-effective solutions are something all Directors and owners of companies need to consider. Especially if you are just starting up the business. Working at a business centre cuts your expenses by 100%! Here at the high street centre, for example, we take care of all your needs to ensure that you can take care of business and not worry about anything else some of these things include:

  •  business rates
  •  utilities
  •  Wi-Fi & broadband
  •  companies house address change…

…And so on.

On top of that when moving into our prestigious serviced suites we will provide you with furniture so that all you need to do is bring your equipment and get cracking! Do not miss the opportunity to work in a business centre, call our receptionist on 0208 249 6000 today and enquire about office space to see how we can accommodate you!

Written by Veronika Kot

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