Why a virtual office is perfect for your business!

on February 24, 2021

Invest in our Virtual Offices & have your business at your fingertips!


With the rapid change in technology and the world of work, a virtual office is a fantastic option for many businesses that want to grow & expand. Whilst a brick– and– mortar might sound and look appealing; a virtual office brings more to the table and has the potential to really bring your business to life. In this article I will be highlighting the 7 key benefits of why a virtual office will be perfect for your business.

  1. Makes your business more Professional –

When it comes to business, professionalism is the key to success. To maintain and bring in new clientele you want your business to look as proficient as possible.

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Our virtual office will provide you with a prestigious business address that gives your company an instant professional and legitimate image. Having a corporate business address gives your clients reassurance that they are contacting a professional trustworthy company, giving your business an immediate smart successful image.


  1. Virtual Telephone service

Similarly, to the point above, our full package provides you with a prestigious address as well as a dedicated telephone number – which you can use on all your marketing material.

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You will have your own receptionist answering your calls in your company name from 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Calls outside these hours can be diverted to another telephone ensuring you NEVER miss a call. – This gives your business instant credibility as well as a smart successful image, no one wants to hear an automated message and

  1. Cost-effective

According to Statista the cost of rent for office space in London is the highest in Europe. In the first quarter of 2020, The West End alone had an insane average rents per square foot of £112.50 GBP. One of the main advantages of having a virtual office is that you pay for the prestigious address and not the immense rent costs that come with a physical office. This allows your business to reduce a great deal of expenditures, for example you will save money on technology, rent, utility payments, etc. never forget – the smaller the expenditure, the bigger the profit.

  1. No commuting – save on travel

Since you and your employees will have the luxury of working from the comfort of your home, you will save a great amount of money travelling to work (London can be expensive and rush hour can be stressful). It is found that in the UK it takes employees more than an hour commuting to work every day – 63 minutes and 61 minutes. This time could be put towards sleep for a revitalized brain or even into more work. Having a virtual

underground londonoffice is a great benefit, as it increases productivity and efficiency – happier and rejuvenated employees work better.

  1. Environmentally Friendly – documents and travel

Another benefit of having a virtual office is that all documents, transactions, and other important paperwork will be forwarded via emails – resulting in minimal paper handling. This is undeniably the most environmentally friendly way of running a business that will benefit everyone. On top of that as I mentioned in the point before there will be no commuting, this decreases the amount of CO2 emissions going out into the environment, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Access to worldwide clients

Some businesses may have clients abroad, and meeting these clients may not always be practical – especially during pandemic times. Our business centre has meeting rooms that are available to our virtual clients.

conference meetingYou can book the conference rooms on specific days and hold computer-generated meetings with your clients abroad, ensuring you never disappoint or lose a client! Our tasteful office décor will eliminate any distractions that may disturb your meeting and will definitely impress you client.

  1. Increased flexibility and Stress free

With all the benefits that the virtual offices bring, being flexible within your business is very important. Flexibility allows you to dedicate time to more important matters and you no longer need to stress about time-consuming tasks, such as handling phone calls and sorting post – most virtual office like ours will take care of this for you.


If all these points appeal to you, and you believe they will vastly benefit your business then get in touch with us today at 0208 249 6000, and we will have your virtual office up and running sooner than you think!

If your business develops to the point that you decide to rent a suite in the physical office world, you can move into one of our managed suites without changing your address or telephone number, future proofing your business identity and telephone number from the very beginning. Let our Chartered Management Accountants register your business with companies’ house at no extra expense

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Written By Veronika Kot




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