A Day in the Life of Our Reception Manager

on October 20, 2019

I thought it would be fun to write about what it is actually like to be at the helm of the High Street Business Centre, many of my tenants and some guests have seen me running around the building, However, I realised no one really knows the ins and outs of the secret life of the Reception Manager.

To shed some light on the mysterious and exciting world of business centre management, I have put together an average day in the life of a Reception Manager including a random act by a Pigeon.

So, without further ado, it’s time to delve into the secret life at the High Street Centre, in Beckenham.


Walk in to find tenants locked out of there office because someone forgot the key and another tenant needs milk for their morning cuppa… and so the day starts; thankfully I have milk in hand and get key to let them in to their office. I then check the meeting room only to find our “Board Room” glasses have gone for a walk, but on the plus side I find a plate full of biscuits which will be lovely with a cup of tea later. I set off on my travels tracking down the missing glasses from around the centre, one by one. I’m sure my tenants think this is a game of hide and seek.

Back at my desk and there are 3 people all waiting for me, our friendly DHL man waiting for a signature and two tenants looking worried, there is a pigeon in the kitchen!  Quickly signing for the package, I head to the kitchen and see a pigeon sitting on top of the tap looking quite happy, I scan the room like terminator and notice the open window which also has netting attached to stop pigeons coming in! on further inspection there is a large hole in the net, with a tea towel and a prayer the pigeon flaps around until he fly’s back out the window … phew.

Back at the helm (my rather swanky reception desk) I notice at this point that a glass has mysterious turned up. Well, for today at least, I won and located them all – all sorted.


Time to make a brew and fight the urge to go and get the biscuits from the meeting room.


Sit down to tackle emails and drink my tea when intercom buzzes goes, it’s a large delivery of toilet rolls for the centre, I run down the stairs, forgetting the storage key and run back up the stairs to get it, as the delivery driver starts unloading 400 toilet rolls and other  supplies for the kitchen, I get deep in the storage cupboard as the driver throws me the rolls and I try to stack them the best I can, without spoiling our wonderful cleaners system.  20 minutes later all stacked with the help from Henry the vacuum cleaners handle keeping them from toppling.


Back to my tea and emails (tea is now cold) and there is an email from a prospect confirming he loves the office I showed him on Friday and that he wants to take it. Great news and spend the next couple of hours answering back emails and taking calls for our Tenants.


One or two tenants check in for a cheeky catch up after their fun-filled weekend out on the town and little old me is reliving my youth listening to their stories (which can’t be repeated).


The postman buzzes and I run down to collect post (he does not do stairs) he is standing there with a large full box overflowing with letters and packages (give me strength!). I start sorting through the mountain of post when I get a call confirming a toilet is blocked. There is no way on this planet that I am resolving this matter, so I call our trusty plumber Stuart who promises to be here before lunch time.  I quickly search my data base for “blocked toilet” sign, find it and print it and run back downstairs to find the offending toilet.  Stick sign on door and head back to reception.


Back to the post. Eeny meeny miny moe… How some people expect to get there letters delivered when it only has the building address and not company name, but yes, Mr Smith, I will endeavour to find you and give you your envelope in perfect condition with no indication of your employer or room number.


Back to the to do list. Fire Alarm test at noon.   Not my favourite job as it always makes me jump and I am petrified it will never stop ringing.  Quick run round to tenants with nervous dispositions to let them know the alarm will be going off any minute. We go in a combo my colleague Tricia and me.  Once both of us are in place we go through the procedure without any hitch and not a nervous breakdown in sight.


LUNCH TIME! I go and find those biscuits from the meeting room and make a nice cup of tea and 4 biscuits later, I say to myself the diet will start next Monday!


Back from lunch to a tidal wave of emails. I receive a reply from a lovely lady who viewed an office last week and wants a second viewing. Fantastic – let’s get her booked in!


Wayhay – received a deposit for a great office from the gentlemen I spoke to this morning! Persistence does pay off in the end.


Oh look, here’s the pest control guy. We head down to the kitchen where the window has remained closed. After a surprisingly informative chat about pigeons, seagulls and cherry pickers a plan is in place to replace the netting and it’s back to the grind.


Stuart the plumber turns up and he gets down to work straight away and fixes the offending toilet, I ask him if he wants a cup of tea and biscuit!


Just as I’m about to crack on with this blog, the new dishwasher arrives. Thankfully the nice delivery guys will carry it up 2 flights of stairs without me having to find extra muscle.  I tear down the notice confirming “Dishwasher Broken” and last week’s washing up crisis melts away.  Kitchen Zen has been restored.


A new prospect pops in to find out about our Virtual Offices and I show them around our building including the meeting rooms. I could tell they were impressed with our services so thought best I make them a cup of tea and offer them some lovely biscuits.  After the second biscuit they decided they really did need the telephone services as well.  Signed them up there and then and looking forward to them joining the fold.


Finally tied up some loose ends and set to work telling you all about my quiet day behind the desk of High Street Centre in Beckenham. But I better be quick, as another day has flown by and it’s almost time to start thinking about tomorrows to do list!

Luckily, I’m blessed with the best tenants and they make working here great fun. After all, it’s not everywhere you get a donut put on your desk!  I really must start that diet tomorrow.

For more information regarding Office Space and Virtual Offices please contact Jackie, Reception & Property Manager at High Street Centre, Beckenham by calling 0208 249 6000 or emailing [email protected]

Written by Jackie Turkel

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