New Start? Or Just simply a Turning Point?

on June 18, 2020

No matter where you are at this point; whether your year has become very stressful or you have managed to keep it steady. A ‘Turning Point’ is always a good opportunity to steer yourself into the direction of greatness!

As we are all very much aware, so far, the UK has spent the majority of 2020 in lockdown which has put most of us under great pressure to overcome and achieve greater things once this is all over. Whether it’s keeping your business going; achieving those sales targets that you set in January, sitting exams or running that marathon that you were supposed to be training for. Most of us know that we will need to work and push ourselves a lot harder once normality starts to kick back in. So that we can make up for the past few months, rebuild, regain and come back even stronger.

Whenever we seriously wish to achieve anything, we list our goals and set out a strict plan to achieve them. Most people have the mindset that new starts only come once a year, once every January 1st to be precise. Every year most of us list a bunch of New Years Resolutions and then often give up when we have failed after the first week. It is at this point that a lot of us use this first stumble of the year as an excuse to give up. You may be wondering why I am speaking about New Year’s Resolutions halfway through the year? It is because after we have all overcome this Covid-19 battle, many of us will have a mindset of ‘Starting our year over’. Many of us both individuals and businesses will be re-visiting our goals and setting new targets for ourselves. Some of us may even become stressed when after a month we may not see an improvement and assume that it is because we have failed to follow our ‘achievement plans’ as strictly as we think we should have. This may even make some of us feel like giving up. Giving up on the business because you cannot see it overcoming the strain of Covid-19 or maybe even giving up on that qualification because too many months have passed.

So, whether you are a business owner or individual, it is likely that you have been hit hard in the Pandemic? Changing where you are is not going to happen instantly, but you can change the direction you are moving in at the very point you decide that you want or even need to achieve more. Every day, we move in the direction where we are headed. Take a sales company for example; if you set a goal to achieve £1,000 in sales a month, you will make a daily effort to ensure that you achieve this target at the end of the month. Now let’s say in August you only actually achieved £800 in sales. Instead of letting this be a setback, use it as your Turning Point. Instead of reducing your target for the rest of the year, analyse things like what you sold more of and what you sold less of? What product/services are your customers more interested in? Would it now help to offer this service online now instead? Change the direction of your sales/services for the month of September to allow yourself to achieve your target and maybe even more. What am I saying? I am saying that instead of giving up at the first hurdle or before even trying, why not see each day as a new start full of new opportunities? It was once said “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” – Jim Rohn.

Throughout life (let alone the year) there will be many changes. The funny thing about business is that you know where you want to go but you cannot be sure of what will happen on the way. One of the biggest reasons some people do not embrace change is fear. Fear can delay even the most successful person. Fear of expanding. Fear of not knowing what lies ahead. Fear of relocating. There are so many fears that even the most successful individual faces. We understand that at a time like this with so much uncertainty fear of the unknown is how many of you may be feeling right now. However, sometimes shifts in the success or even shifts in the economy can open the door to great opportunities. The only constant thing in the world is change. With careful planning and consideration, it can benefit you to not give up but to simply change direction.

Here at Outsourced, we are more than happy to advise any business owners who are open to pushing past the fear of the unknown and fighting back against Covid-19. We can’t promise that it will be an easy journey, but we can promise that our team will be here to offer guidance, advice and support 24/7 along the way. If you would like to have a chat on how your business can remain financially stable, please feel free to give us a call on 02082496007

Written by Tricia Carr

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