Is your data safe with your accountant?

on August 25, 2021


For the past few years, technology has continued to stimulate good and bad changes. The internet has become a lot more modern with easy access to most things which is a big advantage for us however due to that the internet is becoming more unsecure. The risk we all face is increasing as Cyber attackers and hackers are spreading like diseases that are contagious. they tend to target individuals, small or large businesses.

Accounting firms are a treasure trove of financials, and crucial to a nation’s economy that holds sensitive data like financial information. This information includes personal data such as your Name, Home Address, Date of Birth, National Insurance number and tax records for filing taxes. With such a huge role in the economy with all this data, accounting firms can be a prime target for cyberattacks, especially during these challenging times.

Whether your accountant has a large or small firm you can expect that they take the highest level of care when it comes to your data. Accountants are no longer able to work without the internet because many of the tasks they need to perform with HMRC, and Companies House involves filing out information electronically.

This means taking extra precautions to secure the system is a must. Continue reading to discover helpful tricks that your accountant uses to keep your information safe and secure as well as maximise security.

1.Multiple data centres

Losing access to data at a critical moment can be a devastating blow for any organization. Downtime not only carries a significant financial cost but can also cause lasting damage to a company’s reputation and brand. Therefore, most accounting firms have multiple data centres, preferably a different locations. In case of disaster to one data centre, it is crucial that they have a copy of the file which is saved safely and can be accessed without losing a downtime.

What are the safety measures this centre must haves?

  • Video monitoring
  • Flood protection
  • Fire protection
  • 27/7 surveillance
  1. Data-Backed up

Disasters, both natural and man-made, have the potential to wreak havoc and bring businesses to a grinding halt. Therefore, frequent data backup is implemented. This means that accounting firms will always have a recent version of your information saved on a backup copy in case of disaster.

  1. Data encryption

Having advanced encryption in the system not only protects the firm it also protects your data. The more security the better, and with the growing threat, encryption is by far the most important security measure that can take place.

4.Two- factor Authentications

Most accounting firms use Two-Factor Authentication, it’s a security precaution that makes users log in with passwords or any form of identification like generating code and can be sent to your mobile. It’s an extra layer of security that can prevent hackers, from getting into the account.

Here are accounting software companies that use two-factor Authentication.

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • Zoho books
  1. Protect against malware

Just like any other business, accounting firms install anti-Virus/malware detection software. This software scans the system regularly for threats and prevents staff from downloading potential harmful malware. This is one of the security measures that can catch any potential intrusions or breaches before they become a problem, giving you peace of mind in these added security features.

7.Software updates

Regular updates play a big part in terms of security. These updates often contain fixes to potential bugs or breaches.

At the hands of the wrong people, your personal information can be used for criminal purposes. It can also be used to steal from you. For this reason, it is mandatory to protect such information in the best possible way.

In Addition, having a trusted accountant that passes the Cyber Essentials which is backed by the governments that help you guard against the common threats is also an advantage. Here at Outsourced ACC, you can rely on us that your data is not only safe but also protected.

Whatever services you require, at Outsourced ACC, we’re here to help. We have a wealth of experience and we’re waiting for your call to begin the process today. Give us a call on +44 (0) 208 249 6007 or email us at [email protected] to enquire.

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