Pandemic Parenting- Working from home and being productive

on December 9, 2020

So, after six months of being in Lockdown here, we are again starting over this insanity, fingers crossed it will not last for long this time. While most of us have already adjusted to the new professional reality of working from home and having children around, some parents are still struggling.

Do you want to know the reality?  I have 1 child and she wants all the attention in the world. Now, imagine parents with more than 1 child.

When my phones start ringing, I run as fast as I can but my little one is 10 steps ahead of me already answering the phones. It got me thinking “WHY?!”, however, I remain professional, apologize and explain that I have a child in the background. But surprisingly I often hear  “don’t worry we are on the same boat”. But how can we be productive from home while all this COVID-19 madness is going on around us?

  TIP 1:  Work with your children.

Remember that when you confidently leave your children sitting in one room doing their online classes, they will always find a way to virtually sneak off playing Roblox, doing a Tiktok, or watch Youtube.

There is no quiet space and children will be there (unless their eyes are glued to their mobile screens). If this is hard for them it will be the same for you. One of the best things you can do is – accept the fact that there will be interruptions during the day.

No matter how many times you are telling them to stop. It will not work as children want our attention, especially children who get bored easily have a short attention span. In most cases, you are likely to end up spending the next 30 minutes fuming and irritated, instead of being productive.

If you wish to have a workspace free of any interruptions, where you can focus and complete all your tasks… you can always escape to a serviced office. Rent out a meeting room for a day with no long-term obligations. Our Professional cleaners thoroughly clean and sanitized meeting rooms, so you can get the job done with peace of mind.

TIP 2: Embrace Virtual Meetings with children in the background.

You can spend your time desperately trying to keep your children away from the screen but most of the time it will not work. Alternatively, you can smile and introduce your little one to your client or co-worker when they wander over and smile like innocent angels.

 TIP 3: Be prepared to shift your  work schedule

Mornings can be very stressful, and your schedule can be hectic when you are ensuring that the kids are where they need to be; doing online classes or dropping of to schools.

By the time you sit down to start your work, you are already exhausted and the schedule is just not realistic. But take time, accept that it is not the end of the world and embrace the change.

 TIP 4: Prepare them  lunch boxes

Children are like eating machines that are constantly whinging and begging. All you hear all day is “mum I am hungry”,  “can I have a snack”, “I want lunch”. This problem can very easily be solved. Simply prepare your children a pack lunch box in the morning and it will save you from dealing with constant asking and begging.

We all need to manage our expectations and in this aspect, communication is key, if your children know what you expect of them, it may make it easier for you to manage your responsibilities.

Everyone is struggling, and nobody is getting it right all the time. If there is any way that High Street Centre can help you manage your personal experiences of working from home during this pandemic, do not hesitate to contact us. We cannot stop your children’s endless search for snacks. However, we can offer serviced office and office solutions for reasonable prices that may assist you in making it through this experience in one piece.

After all, we are all in this together

Written by Mae Suharevics

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